360 Clamps

Sliding Channel Clamps

P/N: T51405


Precision machined, steel base of the 360° Slot Clamp slides into the 1.7" spacing which enables the clamp body to slide along the entire surface and swivel 360° for positioning at any point.

* Not applicable to BuildPro® MAX table.

Part No. Clamping Capacity (in) Throat Depth (in) Clamping Pressure (LBS.) Rail Size (in) Weight (LBS.) CAD
T51405 8.5 4-3/4 500 0.88 x 0.44 3.5 IGS | STEP
T51510 12.5 4-3/4 600 1 x 0.47 4.8 IGS | STEP
T51615 20.5 5-1/2 700 1.19 x 0.56 8.2 IGS | STEP
360º Buildpro™ Clamps
Sliding Channel Clamps slide along the 1.7" slots in the BuildPro® Table.
360º Buildpro™ Clamps
Position Sliding Channel Clamp at any point along the table slot for quick sliding arm clamping.
360º Buildpro™ Clamps
Clamp Arm smoothly swings in a full 360° arc.


Use with the optional clip-on top V-pad to clamp round stock, and the Sidekick attachment for horizontal clamping force.

360 Clamp with optional top v-pad and sidekick