Inserta Clamps T Handle

Inserta Clamps - T Handle

P/N: UDN5150 / UEN5200


Place the Inserta Clamps into the 5/8" holes on the BuildPro® Tabletop for fast and easy clamping. The Inserta Clamps automatically lock into the table holes for quick-set hold down clamping.

Place the Inserta Clamps into any of the holes on the sides or tops of the Riser Blocks, or Economy Stops and Clamping Squares, for clamping in the vertical or horizontal position, at any height.

Clip the optional Top V-Pads onto the top spindle to clamp round or angled stock. Remove the clamp arm by depressing the spring stop, and slide the Sidekick attachment onto the clamp bar, followed by the clamp arm, for two point horizontal and vertical clamping force.

Part No. Clamping Capacity (in) Throat Depth (in) Clamping Pressure (LBS.) Rail Size (in) Weight (LBS.) CAD
UDN5150 6.5 3-1/4 300 0.63 x 0.31 1.2 IGS | STEP
UEN5200 8.5 4 400 0.78 x 0.38 2.2 IGS | STEP
UERN5200 8.5 4 400 0.78 x 0.38 2.2 --
Inserta Clamps

Insert Clamps can be inserted into any hole on the BuildPro® Tabletop for instant clamping wherever needed.

Inserta Clamps

In this application, the Inserta Clamp is used in combination with a straight edge stop and V-Block to hold a round tube.

Inserta Clamps

In basic frame building, the Inserta Clamps are an ideal choice in terms of easy of use, affordability.

Inserta Clamps

Inserta Clamps can be used in any orientation.


Add the optional top V-pad to the Inserta Clamp jaw to hold round, square, flat, and angled stock.

Wood Handle Inserta Clamp with Optional Top V Pad