Good Hand Toggle Clamp GH-12130

Toggle Clamps

P/N: GH - 12130


- Popular!
- Cross Ref. : DE-STA-CO Series 207
- Bar opens 100º, Handle 60º
- Spindle Supplied: GH-FC-56212

Expanded Selection. This is the most popular vertical handle toggle clamps. Many options are available.

See the full selection of Vertical, Horizontal, Push / Pull, and Latch Type Toggle Clamps HERE.

Part No. Description Tapped Hole (in) Holding Capacity (LBS.) Clamping Pressure (LBS.) Weight (LBS.)
GH - 12130 Vertical 5/16 - 18 500 500 0.78
GH - 36070 Push / Pull 10 - 24 110 100 0.22
GH - 302 - F Push / Pull 5/16 - 18 130 300 0.66
Toggle Clamps application 1
Toggle Clamps can be mounted to the BuildPro® Tabletop using the Toggle Clamp Base Plate (Part No. T51110).
Riser Blocks application 1
When used in combination with Base Plate, the Toggle Clamps can be elevated at varying heights.
Toggle Clamps application 3
Push / Pull Toggle Clamps can be used for locating, and stopping stock.
Toggle Clamps application 2
When used in combination with D-Stop Bars, the Toggle Clamps can be used horizontally or vertically, at varying heights.


Use with the optional Toggle Clamp Base Plate: Tap your own holes to adapt a wide selection of Toggle Clamps or custom weld Toggle Clamps onto a base plate.

Toggle Clamps offer Quick-Acting lock and release action for fast clamping, and easier removal of the finished workpiece.

Ideal for production work.

Part No. Dimension (in) Holes Dia (in) Weight (LBS.)
T51110 5 x 3 x 0.5 ∅5/8 5.74
Toggle Clamp Base Plate T511110