Eccentric T54410

Eccentric Pads

P/N: T54410


Using the "CAM" design principle, the Eccentric Pad provide a quick way to position the edge of the workpiece to a locating stop. The 360° rotation allows infinite adjustments.

Ideal for locating odd shape parts where conventional edge stops cannot reach.

Part No. Dia. (in) Adjust Range (in) Offset (in) Thread Thickness (in) Holes Dia. (in) Weight (LBS.) CAD
T54410 1.5 0 - 1.693 0.2 -- 1/2 5/8 0.19 IGS | STEP
T54415 2.5 0 - 3.248 0.7 5/16 - 18 0.51 IGS | STEP
Eccentric Pads application 4
Eccentric Pads can be mounted vertically or horizontally, at any height.
Eccentric Pads application 1
Eccentric Pads can rotate 360° to position, locate, or stop a workpiece, at the edge, at a specific location.
Eccentric Pads application 2
Eccentric Pads can locate or stop stock of varying shapes, and is especially useful for stopping round stock.
Eccentric Pads application 3
Hold round parts in a verical position.