Fixed Rest

P/N: T54214


Developed by customer demand, the Fixed Rest features 5/8" bored hole to hold BuildPro V-Blocks and V-Block Spacers.

Insert into any fixturing hole on the BuildPro® Modular Welding Table for use as a support or rest for aligning stock.

Two mounting options:

  • Insert into any hole on the BuildPro table with the 5/8” Locating Post.
  • Securely fasten to the tabletop for repetitive applications using the Locating Post with cap screw (included).
Part No. Top Dia. (in) Locating Post Dia. (in) Height (in) Weight (LBS.)
T54214 1.5 5/8 2 0.68
Fixed Restapplication 1
Using the combination of Adjustable and Fixed Rests allow pipes of different diameters to be setup at the correct height for tack welding.
Fixed Rest application 2
Insert V-Spacer on top to hold square tubes.