Magnetic Rest Button T50737

Magnetic Rest Button

P/N: T50737


Our strong rare earth magnet on the bottom of the 0.45" Magnetic Rest Button allows the button to be used at ANY point on the tabletop to elevate workpieces.

Part No. Dimension (in) Weight (LBS.) CAD
T50737 1.5 Dia. x 0.45 H 0.2 IGS | STEP
T51740 1.5 Dia. x 0.625 H 0.4 IGS | STEP
T51745 1.5 Dia. x 1 H 0.6 IGS | STEP
Rest Button application 1
Rare earth disc magnet on the bottom of the Rest Button allows placement at any point on the BuildPro® Table.
Rest Button application 2
Use the Magnetic Rest Button to elevate workpieces above the tabletop.
Rest Button application 3
In this application, the Magnetic Rest Button is used in combination with the Stop (Part No. T54205) to both elevate and stop square tubing.