Rest Button T54200

Rest Button

P/N: T54200


For convenient positioning. It serves as part rest to elevate parts above tabletop.

Part No. Top Dia. (in) Bottom Dia. (in) Thickness (in) Weight (LBS.) CAD
T54200 1.57 5/8 0.63 0.4 IGS | STEP
Rest Button application 4
Use the Channel Block and Rest Button when a flat, continuous support surface is required directly over the 1.7" table slots.
Rest Button application 2
After mounting the Channel Block, insert the Rest Button into the center hole of the Channel Block to create a continuous work surface.
Rest Button application 3
"Fill" any of the 1.7" slots in the tabletop whenever stock, or a clamp, needs to be placed directly over a slot.
Rest Button application 1
Can be used in combination with the Channel Block to "fill" any of the 1.7" slots in the tabletop, creating a solid surface that is perfectly level with the tabletop.


The Slot Filler Kit provides a solid work surface directly over the 1.7" (43 mm) slots in the BuildPro® Table.

Slot Filler Kit