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Increase your productivity with Quick Acting Clamps that save your valuable set-up time.

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Now more than ever, it’s important to have the right tools on hand to set up work accurately and efficiently for greater productivity and higher quality welding and fabrication in projects both big and small. The New Products below will help you create a safer and better organized workplace while giving you new options in holding and clamping down your work.

Gas Cylinder Cart GCC200
Gas Cylinder Cart
Gas Grabber
Welders Universal Vises
Forged Vise
Hole Plug Magnet
Magnetic Panel Holders
TIG Feeder
TIG Part Organizer
TIG Feeder Stand w/ Mag. Base
Chisels w/ Hammer Extensions
Multi-outlet Strip w/ Magnetic Mounting Plate
PRO28 Heavy Duty Modular Welding Tables

Featured Videos

In this five-part video series, Ed, a weld & fab shop owner, transitions from his slab welding table to the BuildPro® Modular Fixturing System. In this first video in the series, Ed compensates for the unevenness of a slab table, and shows us the everyday problems he faces without the ability to fixture accurately, especially since he often works alone. We’ll take you through the delivery and setup of the table, in Video #2, and Ed’s first try with Modular Fixturing, in Video 3 [Spoiler alert; it goes very well!]

Safely handle heavy Gas Cylinders with the our Cylinder Cart
ReadyRest Adjustable Arm & Wrist Rests
Add a Plasma Cutting Tray to your Rhino Cart®

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