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Keep this collection of time-saving, versatile clamping and positioning tools in your toolbox so you’re ready to handle a wide variety of work holding jobs in welding and fabrication.

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Gas Cylinder Cart

Safely lift, move, place & store heavy gas cylinders with the New Cylinder Cart & Gas Grabber.
This new shop safety equipment was designed by request of our in-house welders, then rigorously tested and approved by the welding team.

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We spent one full year working with our team of field welders / consultants, to make important revisions to the traditional work rests you use every day. The ReadyRest line of Torch, Electrode Holder, Grinder, Arm and Wrist Rests provide greater access to your tools while you work, and a better, safer way to store your tools at the end of the work day.

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Plasma Cutting Tray

This new Plasma Cutting Tray attaches to the Rhino Cart® Mobile Fixturing Station so you can cut, clamp, fixture and weld.

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