You don’t work in one fixed position, so neither should your torch rest.

The height and angle adjustable ReadyRests attach securely to any steel surface for safe and convenient holding of your torch and cable for full access while you work. The unique adjustable cable hanger provides cable control for safety, and ease of handling.

Store your torch on the ReadyRest to prevent damage and create a clean, organized work area.

  • MRM200 is Height & Angle Adjustable
  • MRM300 is Deluxe Model includes Park N’ Snip feature
  • Two Pliers parking places (Pliers PM12 sold separately)
  • Angled anti-spatter Gel Pot


Base Model

* Pliers and Torches shown are not included.
Part No. Description Height Weight
MRM100 MIG Torch Rest with Cable Hanger & Accessory Plate 6″
(150 mm)
2.1 LBS
(0.95 kg)
MRM200 MIG Torch Rest with Cable Hanger & Accessory Plate, Adjustable Height 7″ ~ 12″
(180 ~ 310 mm)
3.5 LBS
(1.6 kg)
MRM300 MIG Torch Rest with Cable Hanger & Deluxe Accessory Plate, Adjustable Height 7″ ~ 12″
(180 ~ 310 mm)
(1.8 kg)


Innovative New Features:

  • Fine and coarse files
  • Flat and rounded hammer
  • V-Notch for wire or nuts
  • Comfortable grip
  • Retention Chain attaches to MIG Gun Holders to prevent loss.

Weight: 0.8 lb (0.4 kg)


Handy tool for nozzle and tip installation, wire cutting, nozzle cleaning, spatter removal, and light hammering.

  • Spring loaded for easy, one-hand opening and closing, for reduced fatigue.
  • Vinyl coated handles for secure gripping.
  • Hammer for light duty welding gun maintenance.

Weight: 0.6 lb (0.3 kg)



Flat Face Hammer
Rounded Face Hammer
Side Pull V-Notch
Fine Files
Coarse Files
Retention Chain