Chain Pliers, pliers, welding pliers

Locking Chain Pliers

The flexibility to clamp around odd shaped items!

Clamp around odd or awkwardly shaped items. Hold two workpieces, or a group of materials securely in place while you weld. Replaceable chain is available in 24". 36", and 48" lengths.

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Chain Pliers, pliers, welding pliers, locking pliers
Crank Handle
  • Unique crank handle for fast, easy jaw opening and pressure adjustment.
  • Crank up, or lessen the torque by inserting a screwdriver.
  • Hanging hole for pegboard storage.
Quick release trigger Quick release trigger.
Grip Pattern Non-Slip grip marks on top and bottom jaws for positive gripping.
Secure Adjustment Bar minimizes bar pop-outs. Secure Adjustment Bar minimizes bar pop-outs. Minimal handle spread, even at the maximum opening, make these Pliers easier to grasp, lock, and release.
Part No. Description Hold Pipes Weight
PFC1024 Strong Grip® Chain Pliers with 24" (600 mm) chain up to 6.5" (165 mm) Dia. 1.9 LBS
(0.9 kg)
PFC1036 Strong Grip® Chain Pliers with 36" (910 mm) chain up to 10.5" (270 mm) Dia. 2.4 LBS
(1.1 kg)
PFC1048 Strong Grip® Chain Pliers with 48" (1,200 mm) chain up to 14" (360 mm) Dia. 2.8 LBS
(1.4 kg)
Chain Pliers Application

Chain Replacement

Part No. Description Weight
PXC16 16" (400 mm) Replaceable Chain 0.5 LB
(0.2 kg)
PXC36 36" (910 mm) Replaceable Chain 1.0 LB
(0.5 kg)
PXC48 48" (1,220 mm) Replaceable Chain 1.4 LBS
(0.7 kg)