Magnetic Grounding Point:
Use as a magnetic HOLD DOWN device, combining the strong yet compact magnetic base and spring clamp to hold down components. A long handle allows you to pry off the magnetic base with ease.

Magnetic Holding and Fixturing Device:
Use as a fixturing device by using the strong magnetic base with the adjustable, and rotating spring clamp to repeatedly locate, and fixture smaller components.

All Copper Connection:
Featuring a sliding base support bar, it can be used as a light spring clamp, capable of accepting 3” diameter pipes and used to hold non-magnetic materials.

Part No. Amperage Max. Overall Length Width x Height Weight
MGC150 250 A @ 60% 12″
(305 mm)
2-5/8″ x 3-3/8″
(66.7 x 85.7 mm)
1.9 LBS
(0.9 kg)
Grounding Points
Retract the base plate, hold square tube up to 4" high
Rest round tubes on the "V" at the bottom, hold up to 3" diameter.
Reverse to steady / hold small part