New Strong Grip® Pliers feature a crank handle so you can open and close the pliers jaws, and adjust the torque FAST. Easily unlock the Pliers with the smooth, easy-reach release lever. The unique “lift up” release lever can be unlocked, effortlessly, with one finger. Get a good, tight hold on the Pliers with the non-slip grip on the top and bottom handles. The Strong Grip® Pliers are made with brazed jaws for durability. Use the unique C-Jaw Hammer Head model for tapping and nudging applications, an especially helpful feature when working in tight spaces!

The Strong Grip® Pliers line includes these models: C-Jaw Pliers w/ Hammer Head, C-Jaw Pliers, Economy Pipe Pliers, U-Prong Pliers, Sheet Metal Pliers, Long Nose Pliers, and Dual Axis Push / Pull Pliers.

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C-Jaw Pliers with Hammer Head PCH

Unique! C-Jaw Pliers w/ Hammer Head

Dual function! Use as a light duty hammer.

C-Jaw Pliers PCJ

C-Jaw Pliers

Gripper teeth hold objects of any shape.

Dual Axis Pull Pliers with Hammer Head

Unique! Dual Axis Pull Pliers w/ Hammer Head

Pull Rod mounts at side or rear for pulling, pushing, or ramming.

Big Mouth Pliers

Big Mouth Pliers

Adjust instantly to hold large or small workpieces.

Strong Grip Pliers PVS

Unique! Economy Pipe Pliers

Hold round pipes up to 3″ in dia.

Pliers with Combo Tips

Unique! Pliers with Combo Tips

One round tip + one swivel pad.

Pliers with Round Tips

Pliers with Round Tips

Small round tips are ideal for quick holding in tight areas with direct clamping pressure.

Pliers with Swivel Pad

Pliers with Swivel Pads

Pads pivot to quickly align with the work surface for a firm hold.

Locking Chain Pliers

Locking Chain Pliers

Clamp around odd or awkwardly shaped items.

U-Prong PUP

U-Prong Pliers

Wide U-Shaped jaw for workpiece visibility, weld access, secure holding.

Long Nose Pliers PLN

Long Nose Pliers

Long, slim nose for access in tight, narrow, hard to reach areas.

Sheet Metal Pliers PDB

Sheet Metal Pliers

Wide, robust contact plates provide a powerful hold on stock.