Be comfortable while welding, and perform precision work by having the right tools in your shop.

This affordable, fully adjustable Wrist Rest has solid steel construction for durability and optimal stability. “Carry” your MIG or TIG torch smoothly along the 11” travel length of the Stainless Steel Rest Bar.


Fully Adjustable Wrist Rest  (PATENT PENDING)

The Rest Bar is height adjustable [slide up or down the support column].

Place the sturdy, anti-tipping, magnetic base plate on any steel surface and level by adjusting the two leveling bolts. For space-saving storage, remove the Rest Bar from the adjustment column for vertical docking.

An important addition to any welding setup. Steady your wrist for accurate welding and greater work quality with less fatigue.

For safety, the Rest Bar should be positioned directly over the stability plate while in use, to avoid tipping.

Part No. Description Overall Height Rest Bar Height Range Rest Bar Length Weight
ARW16 Adjustable Wrist Rest 18.5″
(470 mm)
 0″ ~ 18.5″
(0 ~ 470 mm)
(280 mm)
5.8 LBS
(2.6 kg)