Load image into Gallery viewer, Non-Twisting Shark Clamps
Load image into Gallery viewer, Non-Twisting Shark Clamps
Vendor Strong Hand Tools

Non-Twisting Shark Clamps


Fast Set-ups, just hold the button down and pull-push the handle to the desired clamping position, release the button and turn the handle to tighten.

Force is transferred from a rotating screw into straight line force via a hinging mechanism.

This prevents twisting and rotation of the items being clamped which is especially useful in applications such as drilling.

U.S. PAT. 6893012
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California Prop 65 - This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more info: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Accurate Drilling

Clamp parts while keeping a parallel support underneath.

Curved Clamp Arm

“Step-Over” I-Beams, flanges and other obstacles.

Swing-Away Pad

Two mounting slots on clamp jaws allow mounting of the clamp on the bottom of the bench. The clamp can be swung away when not in use.

Clamps Uneven Thicknesses

Swivel Pads tolerate uneven thicknesses.

Precise Clamping

Easy and precise one hand clamping.

Clamp in Tight Spaces

Screw is perpendicular to the clamp jaws for space-saving clamping.

Grip Teeth

Inside grip teeth will hold large pipes and cylinders. Use as a filter wrench or mount attachments, such as lighting fixtures to pipes or I-beams.

Clamps Angled Surfaces

Scissor action with floating grip pads will hold odd shaped parts accurately.

Part No. Description Max. Pull Force (lb) MAX Clamping Capacity (in) Weight (lb)
SC50A Straight Handle 300 5.0 2.0
SC65A Straight Handle 300 6.5 2.2