The Industry-Leader for Cobot Applications

The Industry-Leader for Cobot Applications

We are the Leading OEM partner for Collaborative Robot applications.

Startups and established industry players work with us to provide their customers with turnkey solutions.

Our Value Added Services:

  • Custom Table Design
  • Local Stocking Program for Fast Delivery
  • Custom Fixture Kit Packages
The Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station is the perfect choice for automation applications that require repeatable setups with precise positioning. The tabletop platform is made of hardened nitrided steel that is corrosion and scratch resistant. The tabletop is reversible, doubling its lifespan and providing exceptional value.
Additionally, the precision CNC machined 2 x 2-inch grid pattern makes it easy to locate workpieces for streamlined programming.
The Rhino Cart offers a turnkey system for precise, and repeatable setups. Its flexibility allows for a range of applications and cobot compatibility. And being mobile, you can take your automation system anywhere, with space under the tabletop to house the control box and air compressor, and features integrated tool storage hooks and bins.
The Rhino Cart Mobile Fixturing Station is an excellent solution for automation applications. This industry-leader makes it the top choice for those seeking accuracy, flexibility and mobility in their automation setups.


Nitrided and black oxide table plate is reversible. Weld spatter, rust and scratch resistant.

CNC Hole Pattern

Accurately position parts in CNC precision bored 5/8" diameter holes in 2" x 2" spacing pattern.

Locking Casters

Steel legs are equipped with four locking casters and leveling feet for mobile or stationary use.

(Not applicable to Rhino Lift)

Compatible with 5/8" Fixturing Elements

The Rhino Cart Tabletop is compatible with all 5/8" Clamps, Components, and Modular Fixturing Kits except Sliding Channel Clamps, Sliding Channel Bases, Slot filler Kit and T-Slot Adapter.

Our range of Rhino Carts offer the perfect platform to build your automation solution.


  • Hardened, Corrosion Resistant Surface
  • Reversible Plate
  • CNC Machined Grid Pattern
  • Mobile or Stationary with Leveling Pads
  • Built-In Storage Options
  • Growing array of accessories that help your customer get the most out of their investment.

RHINO CART 4' × 3'


Tabletop Dimensions: 48" × 30"

Loading Capacity: 1,200 lb

RHINO CART 4' × 4'


Tabletop Dimensions: 48" × 48"

Loading Capacity: 1,200 lb

RHINO CART 5' × 3'


Tabletop Dimensions: 60" × 30"

Loading Capacity: 1,500 lb



Tabletop Dimensions: 30" × 30"

Loading Capacity: 600 lb



Tabletop Dimensions: 48" × 30"

Loading Capacity: 1,100 lb



Tabletop Dimensions: 24" × 18"

Loading Capacity: 300 lb

Unlock the full potential of Your Rhino Cart with a Fixturing Kit!

Designed to perfectly complement our 5/8” Rhino Carts, these tool kits provide a comprehensive array of fixturing elements, offering everything you need to maximize operational efficiency. Experience seamless integration and heightened productivity - from sturdy clamps and versatile brackets to specialized pliers and sturdy ball-lock-bolts. Elevate your cobot’s capabilities today and take advantage of the complete package by combining your Rhino Cart with our top-notch tool kits.

Slag Tray to Protect Storage Area

Tool box for storage

Reversible External Shelves

Toggle Clamps and Fixturing Plates for high volume production fixtures. See More Details >


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